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S3Ep8 - Static Application Security Testing with Nipun Gupta

August 07, 2023 Glenn Wilson, and Steve Giguere
DSO Overflow
S3Ep8 - Static Application Security Testing with Nipun Gupta
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DSO Overflow S3EP8

Static Application Security Testing
Nipun Gupta

In this episode, Glenn is joined by Nipun Gupta, a seasoned technology executive, entrepreneur, and speaker to talk about static code analysis, its benefits, its pitfalls and how best to integrate tools into developer workflows.  Based nowadays in London, UK after a decade in Silicon Valley, Nipun has developed a reputation as a thought leader and innovator in cybersecurity at places like NCC Group, Deutsche Bank, and Deloitte. Prior to leading Integrations Product at Devo, he served as the Vice President, Global Cyber Security Strategy & Innovation Lead at Deutsche Bank’s Silicon Valley office. Currently serving as the COO at Bearer, a fast-growing static code analysis platform that is redefining what code security can do, Nipun is at the forefront of the DevSecOps revolution, helping companies of all sizes adopt modern approaches to software development and security.

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